Hey Conservatives, Let’s Talk About Sex!

Hello right-wing politicians and voters, we need to have a serious discussion about sex. Now I realize that conservatives have always had been uncomfortable when it comes to sex (some of you are probably already squirming in your seats), but lately the rest of America has noticed that your fixation with this topic has become a very odd obsession that needs to addressed. Especially considering that there are FAR more pressing issues facing our country at the moment.

From abortion to gay marriage, conservative law makers seem determined to impose their influence on matters that should remain in the privacy of our bedrooms, while claiming to want small government. When the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all 50 states, you conservatives immediately started crying about how Christians were being oppressed because they were no longer allowed to discriminate against LGBT folks while using their “sincerely held religious beliefs” as justification. And then there were some of you who went really batshit crazy when you claimed that legalized gay marriage was the beginning of the “Christian holocaust.”

Just last year, Ireland, a country with a strong Christian population, legalized gay marriage with no negative results. From 2014 going as far back as 2000, many other industrialized countries also legalized gay marriage, including New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Brazil, Canada, and the Netherlands, just to name a few.   And so far, I haven’t heard of any Christian holocaust taking place in any of those countries. I don’t care if gay people get married because that’s not my concern and it shouldn’t be the government’s concern either.

Another topic that highlights conservative’s odd preoccupation with sex-related matters is the recent scandal surrounding the Planned Parenthood abortion videos, which claimed to show PP employees discussing the sale of tissue from aborted fetuses. You conservatives screamed bloody murder, demanding that the government cease all funding of Planned Parenthood, even though abortions account for less than ten percent of all services that PP provides.  But you didn’t let that stop now did you?

In fact, Republican politicians threatened to block approval of the latest Federal budget if it contained any funding for PP, which would have resulted in a government shutdown. Thankfully, a budget was passed, at the last minute, without the PP stipulation. But the point is that conservatives were willing to risk a government shutdown all just to prevent women from getting abortions. Conservatives, have you forgotten what happened the last time we had a government shutdown? Our nation’s credit rating was downgraded.  I find it bizarre that the most vocal anti-abortionists are old men who don’t have uteruses yet feel the need to dictate what women should be allowed to do with their bodies.

3800713Another really telling example of conservatives’ skewed priorities is their crusade to ban pornography and the reason most often cited is to protect the children. Protect them from what? Discovering their natural curiosity about the human body? If you conservatives really want to protect children then start by passing reasonable gun control measures so criminals and mentally ill people can’t get their hands on assault rifles. We now have mass shootings almost every week and the majority of Americans support gun control. Yet even after Sandy Hook, the worst possible case scenario for gun violence, you conservatives still kept spouting that “from my cold dead hands” bullshit but when Janet Jackson had her famous wardrobe malfunction on national TV, you guys went crazy!

(NOTE: Just for the record, I’m not some anti-gun nut. I’ve been to shooting ranges and I’ve shot handguns and assault rifles before. I support reasonable gun control laws because I’m aware of the destructive power these weapons posses, which is why I agree that we should do everything we can to keep them out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.)

Now that is truly insane – believing that kids will be more traumatized by seeing an uncensored penis or breasts on TV than constantly hearing about the latest mass shooting. But if you right-wingers think Janet Jackson’s nipple is the worst thing you’ve ever seen, then you should see what kids in other developed countries are exposed to everyday. Here’s an example.

Image Credited to Discogs.com
Image Credited to Discogs.com

This is an album cover by the German pop band, E-rotic. Their music is popular throughout Western Europe, South America, and Japan. Now could you imagine a band like that trying to go mainstream in the U.S? That wouldn’t last long because politicians like Rick Santorum would have a massive aneurism. But it goes to show you that youth in foreign countries see nudity all the time and they seem perfectly well-adjusted, for the most part.

But perhaps the most disturbing example of Republican’s unhealthy obsession with sex is a recent bill, proposed by Virginia GOP law makers, that would require schools to verify children’s’ genders, via physical inspection, before allowing them to use designated restrooms. Do I really need to give a detailed analysis of just how creepy this sounds!? Don’t you conservatives in Virginia have anything better to worry about?

My point to this rant is basically this – conservatives, your priorities are totally screwed up! We’re still in the middle of a recession, youth unemployment is sky high, our infrastructure is crumbling, Wall St. is out of control, and we have a psychotic dictator across the Pacific who claims to have nuclear weapons and threatens to use them on us at least once a month. And yet conservative politicians and voters are more concerned with keeping gays from getting married, preventing women from having abortions, and keeping little Johnny from discovering Playboy!

I don’t care if gays get married! I don’t care what women do with their bodies! And I sure as hell don’t care if kids see nudity on TV (because if they don’t see nudity on MTV they’ll eventually see it on the Discovery Channel)! Conservatives, you want to know what I care about? I care about getting our economy back on track so that I will hopefully have good prospects of finding a decent job that pays enough for me to live on. I care about maintaining and updating our infrastructure so I won’t have to worry if the bridge I’m driving on is going to collapse and kill me. I care about keeping N. Korea from sending a nuclear missile our way.

So there you have it, conservatives. Stop worrying about what people are doing in their bedrooms.  Just worry about fixing the economy, our roads & bridges, and keeping our shores & borders safe, and you’ll do just fine.


– The Young Overviewer

2 thoughts on “Hey Conservatives, Let’s Talk About Sex!”

  1. Interesting post. . The psychology of pornography. And it still going on more the ever in today’s mixed up world. Still, barely legal girls are ‘all the rage’ and easily seduced by sleaze ball men and now amazingly also women in hard porn business. Some women even claim it’s a spiritual thing to do! Yes, spirituality and pornography. This self named psychic/ spiritual medium and healer actually runs one of the USA biggest porn business. And is known for creating and profiting from Hustler’s ‘Barely Legal’. Sick.


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